The SHED Coffee Bar

Our travelling and coffee consumption have always gone hand in hand. An espresso in Italy, a café au lait in France, a bica in Portugal , or a latte in one of our favorite coffee and cycling culture cafes in Toronto, brought us to finding our roaster, and finally to our coffee profiles.
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We are and always have been the premier cycling destination in the Hills of Headwaters, so on any given day you can expect to see Cyclists sipping Lattes from our hand thrown pottery bowls, the traditional “French style”. You may find Friends and Neighbors talking and laughing, and Kids smiling with cookies in hand. Taste a delicious Panini at the bar, where the garage door opens to watch people and the world go by. Drink a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and listen to great music that makes you feel like you are anywhere in the world that your heart desires. 

Our Vision/Dream for The Shed was to have an amazing place where Community and Tourists could walk to, bike to, run to, and hike to.  Where we try to remember your name, your regular order and serve you with a smile.

This is The Shed… a place to have a great and unique experience!

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