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MR KITCHENS OTTAWA serving Ottawa, Ottawa-South, Ottawa-East, Orleans, Rockland to Kanata as trusted contractors for kitchen renovations.
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Sense of Pride

A dedicated team that takes pride in the quality and detail of each project; inspired kitchen solutions by our experienced designers; a design centre with showrooms; a “state of the art” manufacturing plant, incorporating quality control procedures, operated by a skilled production team; timely deliveries and installations provided by professional, courteous staff; a dedicated service department at your call.

Sense of Experience

For over 25 years Mr Kitchens has been committed to the design and manufacturing of kitchens that appeal to your senses, on all levels.  We believe that kitchens must make sense for you and your home. We assess your space; review your needs and wants to achieve a solution contained within your budget parameters. Our goal is a design that not only addresses the physical needs of the space, but also improves the quality of the sense of psychological, emotional well being in that space. 

We view the kitchen as an integral environment where ease of access, comfortable traffic flow, sensible work zones, flexible multi function areas and convenient storage, all integrate to create a space that alleviates stress and enhances communication/connectivity. While enabling the efficient performance of everyday tasks, a thoughtful kitchen design can help you revive your senses, while nurturing yourself and loved ones.

Sense of Satisfaction

Our sense of success is based on your sense of satisfaction. We work with you to ensure a design that surpasses your expectations functionally and aesthetically, not just as an initial reaction, but 6mnths, 1 yr, 5yrs, 10yrs,  ..well, you get the idea, from now.

Since we manufacture our own products we are able to ensure that quality controls and cost efficiencies are achieved, which means better products and prices for you. Our friendly, helpful customer service department is involved before, during and after your installation. They also coordinate the production/delivery/install timelines to ensure your schedules are met.

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