McCabe Family Dentistry

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McCabe Family Dentistry is located in Kingston, Ontario in a new dental clinic. Providers of dental care for all members of the family in a comfortable, modern facility with state of the art equipment.
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McCabe Family Dentistry wants to create a positive dental experience, not just provide dental services.

To the McCabe team, that means:

Using technology to make scheduling as easy as possible for our patients (email appointment confirmations offered as alternatives to the traditional calls).
Making people feel welcome the moment they walk in – complimentary coffee at our beverage bar, free Wi-Fi, and television to watch in our reception area.
Making time in the dental chair pass as quickly as possible – chairs in our clinical rooms that actually massage our patients and TV screens located in the ceiling so that our patients can watch content from Netflix while we work
They also want to make our practice a kid-friendly environment. We both enjoy working with children – they are a breath of fresh air in any environment!

New patients accepted and welcome! 

No physician referral is required.

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