Using Google AdWords Keyword Tool For Your Company Website

Using Google AdWords Keyword Tool For Your Company Website

In order to stand out online, your company website should ideally show up on the first page of Google’s search results. In order for this to happen, the pages on your site must contain the same keywords used in the potential customer’s search query.

While this sounds very simple, choosing the proper keywords to use on your company website is far more complicated than using the first terms that come to mind. For example, using the word “painter” alone pretty much guarantees that your page will be lost in a flurry of competition. This is where the Google AdWords Keyword Tool comes in.

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool will allow you to determine the number of monthly searches that any given keyword or key phrase receives both locally and globally, and it will also indicate the competition level of the term.

To use the Keyword Tool, test out different long-tail keywords, (also known as key terms). For example, instead of “painting”, you might choose a term that is more specific, and targeted to the geographical area you serve. “Quality painting Halifax” might do the trick, or “affordable Washington painting services”.

Ideally, your key term will have a high number of monthly searches, but a low competition value. To optimize your company’s website for the most individual search queries, it is a good idea to use different search terms on different pages of the site. Writing a blog or building landing pages are both great ways to insure that you’ve got lots of optimized content on your website.

When it comes to selecting effective keywords to use on your company website, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is essential. Try it out today to start using effective keywords to drive customers to your website!

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