How To Use Your Website’s Analytics

How To Use Your Website’s Analytics

As a business owner, you want your website to deliver the best results possible. You know that analytics can help you to determine just how your site is performing, but how do you use them to decide how to make improvements?

Your website’s analytics are a powerful tool that can be use to measure and critically review data in order to make strategic marketing decisions. It’s hard, however, to make informed decisions if you don’t really know what you’re looking at!

Below are some of the key things you should be paying attention to in your website’s analytics:
Traffic Sources

Use this section to learn how your visitors are ending up on your website. The information can be broken down to display how many visitors are a result of organic search results and referrals, and how many entered your domain url into their browser directly. The data provided can then be used to decide whether you should focus on link-building, improving your SEO, paid advertising, or a combination of these.

Content Drilldown

Referring to the content drilldown in your website’s analytics will allow you to determine which of your website’s pages are most popular. If you keep a blog (which you should!), this feature is a helpful indicator of which posts are most popular, and thus what it is that your audience wants to read about.

The content drilldown will also show you the average visit time on each page, an indicator of whether or not your visitors are reading and interacting with your website.

Your analytics page can be used for much more than just checking how many visitors your website is getting. If used properly, the valuable information it provides can help to increase traffic, conversion rates and, ultimately, sales!

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