Usability is Queen: Is Your Company Website User Friendly?

Usability is Queen: Is Your Company Website User Friendly?

We’ve all heard the mantra “content is king”, but what about website usability? When it comes to your company website, the last thing you want is for your potential customers to be confused or frustrated when trying to navigate its pages.

Website usability, including navigation, accessibility, and appearance, is extremely important and should be given careful attention. In order to ensure that your company website is user-friendly, refer to these tips:

1) Ensure that the website doesn’t take an unreasonably long time to load

Although most of us are operating on high-speed Internet these days, it cannot be assumed that a fancy website will load quickly for everyone. Similarly, if you decide to include a graphic or musical intro before access to the site, don’t assume that all visitors are going to want to sit through it.

2) Don’t exclude mobile users

Many of your potential customers will be accessing your company website via mobile phone- or trying to at least. If your website is not compatible for mobile browsing, then you’ve got some changes to make!

3) Your website shouldn’t be a maze

If visitors wanted a brain tease they would do a sudoku puzzle. Your menu shouldn’t be hard to follow, and the site absolutely must be easy to navigate.

4) Your home page shouldn’t be too busy

Your company website should contain a home page that can be absorbed by visitors in a matter of seconds. Don’t try to overload guests with information, images, or fancy graphics.

While it’s true that website content is king, it then holds that usability is queen- and what’s a king without his queen? There’s not point in taking the time and effort to create fantastic content only to put it on a website that nobody wants to visit!

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