Reviews And An Exciting New Service Offering From Delivering Customers!

Reviews have become a very important part of successful online marketing. Just like the days of “word of mouth” marketing, reviews show others that your business is solid and that you treat your customers well.

Unfortunately many people tend to only post reviews when they are unhappy so bringing attention to a companies good reviews is essential, especially to counteract any negative reviews. Many customers might write an email or note to a business, telling them of their experience and while having those testimonials or reviews for your website is valuable, online reviews that the search engines can read and evaluate carry more weight from an SEO standpoint. How often do you do some online research on a business before you hire them?

When a customer is happy there is no shame in asking them to leave you a review. Most people today have a GMail account, or a Facebook account, so taking a minute or 2 out of their day to leave a review is a simple process. If 1 out of 10 happy customers leave your business a 5 star review it will make an impression on potential future customers, and it will help your rankings with the search engines.

Delivering Customers has launched a new service to help our customers showcase their best reviews, maximizing their impact and making the reviews more compelling. Watch the short video below to see one of our client’s most recent reviews.

Contact us today to find out more about this and our other services to help your business grow.

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