Pop Up Canopy

Pop Up Canopy

My client Pop Up Canopy, a Canadian distributor that stocks Pop Up Canopies. One of the first conversations I had with the president of the company was around the keywords that may be important to his target market. In other words what key word phrases were potential customers looking for when they were searching for products he carries?
He had some thoughts, as did some of his key employees. In addition to writing down there thoughts we ran a key word search to see what terms were actually being searched in Canada. While they were ranked well for certain keywords some of the more commonly searched ones were not driving traffic to their site.

For this particular product line Pop Up Canopy is the most searched key word, approximately 800 searches get done on a weekly basis, and most of them are done by potential customers looking to find a Canadian distributor.

Our goal is ensure that when potential customers Google Pop Up Canopy the search engine returns our client as one of the top listings.

The small investment required to rank well for this key word will easily be recouped in additional sales.

Let me know if you want advice on keywords for your company.

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