Why Organic Search Results Matter

Why Organic Search Results Matter

If you’ve been trying to optimize your website to show up on Google’s search results, you’ve probably been hearing lots about organic search results.

What are organic search results?

When someone conducts a search on Google, there are two types of results that show up on the search engine results page (or SERP); organic search results, which appear because of their relevance to the search term (among other factors), and non-organic search results, which appear because they are paid advertisements, such as pay-per-click. Paid results appear in separate boxes on the top, and sides of the page.

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Why should I care about organic search results when I can just pay?

While using pay-per-click is a good idea at times, it’s not the all-encompassing solution to getting your website found. To begin with, 88% of search engine users never click on paid search ads!

Running paid search campaigns can also get to be very costly if you don’t know how to conduct one properly. Your best bet is to master search engine optimization for organic results before investing in PPC.

Why do organic search results matter?

There is significant correlation between where a website shows up in search engine results for relevant keywords, and how many clicks it receives. The higher your page rank, the more people see your website. Period.

Remember, the placement of your website in Google’s organic search results is not just decided by chance. In the end, it comes down to the marketing strategy and planning you put into your SEO efforts!

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