One Online Trick That Will Bring You More Customers

One Online Trick That Will Bring You More Customers

Do you have a business website? If so, has your online presence been landing you more customers? It should be!

The reason your company has a website is to allow potential customers to find you, collect information, and contact you if they decide to use your products or services, right? Well yes, but what about all of those visitors that aren’t quite sure they’re ready to buy yet, the ones that are just browsing or shopping around?

If you aren’t doing anything to collect leads from these prospective customers, then you’re missing out on great potential! It is essential that your website implement a ‘call to action’ on every single page.

What is a call to action and why is it important?

A call to action is a button or link that is used to entice your visitors to perform a certain action. Often, this will involve providing some sort of personal or contact information. For example, you might place a button on your homepage encouraging readers to ‘click here for a free estimate”. The visitor would then be directed to a ‘lead capture form’, where they would fill in their information for the estimate.

These calls to action are your primary online lead-collecting vehicle. When combined with an effective lead nurturing program, this trick can score you loads more customers than just a webpage alone.

What makes a good call to action?

There are a number of factors that can impact the effectiveness of your calls to action.

Language- Actionable and direct language is the most effective in order to persuade your readers to click through. The words you choose should communicate how quick and easy the action will be. For example, “Click here for your free estimate today or “get your free estimate now” will be more effective than simply “free estimate”.

Positioning- The location of your call to action will also have a great influence on click through rates. Make sure that your button is positioned above the page fold so visitors can see it without scrolling down. It should also be placed where it is easily visible and stands out among everything else on the web page.

Aesthetics- Studies have shown that using contrasting colors can make your call to action more noticeable and enticing. If your website uses a green theme, create a red button. Using images has also proven to be an effective technique. Consider including an image of a person looking directly at the call to action.

If you’re looking to reel in more customers with your website, then implementing calls to action into your digital marketing strategy is a must! Take these considerations into account and start collecting leads!

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