Marketing To-Do List For Every Kitchen Renovations Company

Marketing To-Do List For Every Kitchen Renovations Company

Wondering how to go about marketing your kitchen renovations company in today’s digital marketplace? Perhaps the world of online marketing is completely foreign to you, and trying to learn all the new terminology and concepts is giving you a headache. Well never fear! Here is your simple digital marketing to-do list for every kitchen renovations company:
Have a business website made if you don’t have one already.
This is 100% necessary. Forget the Yellow Pages; there are so many reasons your local business needs a website.
Use keywords.
Digital marketing is all about attracting potential customers to your company website. If you were looking for a kitchen renovations company on Google, what search words or terms would you use? Make sure that you use those proper keywords so that your website shows up in response to specific searches.
Keep a blog.
A blog, or web-log, is a collection of posts, or short articles that have to do with your industry. If you regularly publish such articles on your website, the search engine will see that you are putting out new content, and your site will be more likely to show up in searches. Your blog is a great place to use keywords and establish authority too!
Capture leads on your website.
Once a visitor lands on your website, you can get them one step closer to hiring your company to do their kitchen renovations by collecting their information from them. To do this, we use what is called a “call to action”. This is a form that the visitor can fill in to request something, like a free estimate, or to enter a contest etc.
Once you’ve got the basics down, you can move on to fancier digital marketing techniques for your kitchen renovations company.

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