How To Motivate Clients To Share Their Kitchen Transformation

As you assuredly know, you can only grow your business in 3 ways.

You can either:

1- Increase the overall number of clients you serve
2- Increase the average amount those clients spend
3- Increase the frequency at which they buy

As you would expect to be standard in the Kitchen Renovation business – it is unlikely that your client is going to increase the frequency with which they purchase from you.

So that leaves us with the task of finding more clients and increasing the average price of the services you sell them.

I want to focus on leveraging the relationship with each client; it’s absolutely vital to increase the # of new clients you serve.

Does your company have a referral strategy? A systematic process whereby you consistently collect referrals and testimonials from each client you serve.

If you don’t have a strategy implemented or method in place, you are not optimizing your business for growth.

We all know that clients that come to us through the tried-and-true referral system are better customers; they buy easier, they price shop less, they refer more, and are generally just much better to work with than a cold traffic customer.

So it only makes sense for you to have a strategy in this area of your business.

Companies that have a system in place aim to set the expectation bar high – as well as early – for their new clients.

Set An Expectation 

In your business, it would be easy to set the expectation that you want to ensure that the transformation for their kitchen is a delightful and seamless experience. That you and your company will go to great lengths to ensure that they have a remarkable experience. But as part of your ongoing business, you have found that your best customers have come to you through referrals and testimonials and that you ask all your new clients to agree to provide them once they receive their new kitchen.

Provide A WOW Experience

Review your process. Your company already has a system in place that includes the various stages of the sales, design, demo, install, handover, etc.

How can you build in some WOW moments for the client?

Think creatively about how you can manufacture truly remarkable moments and make your client feel appreciated.

We have worked with past clients to arrange all sorts of small gifts – mostly by contacting local businesses and seeing what they are willing to provide for free.

Every local business wants new customers, and gaining access to clients that can afford a kitchen renovation is a highly coveted coup …

Some Examples 

1- Cupcakes – Thank You For Choosing (Your Company Name) – Please enjoy these tasty snacks from our friends at (Local Bakery Name)
2- Dinner for 2 – While You Wait for Your New Kitchen – Please visit our friends at (Restaurant Name), and ask for Mr. Owner – he will ensure you enjoy a fantastic dinner…
3- Spa – We know how stressful a renovation can be – Our friends at (Spa Name) are looking forward to providing you with a 1 hour relaxation massage…

You are only limited by your creativity.

Create An Experience and Capture It 

When the kitchen is transformed. Offer to throw a breakfast party for your client and all of their friends to show off their brand new kitchen.

Hire a local chef to come in and prepare a fabulous breakfast as well as a photographer to capture the whole experience.

As part of this process, you can have professional pictures done of the kitchen, but more importantly you can capture video testimonial from people who can share how nice the transformation has been.

This provides you with video testimonial, pictures, and certainly a very positive experience for your client and all of their friends.

I hope you found this useful and I will talk to you again in the next post.

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