Gold Medal Worthy Beginner’s Link Building Guide

Gold Medal Worthy Beginner’s Link Building Guide

Link building is one of those things that you know is a great idea to drive traffic to your website and encourage a higher page ranking, but understanding exactly how to go about the process isn’t exactly straight forward.

Why link building?

When a query is entered into a search engine, a number of factors determine what will show up in the results, and it what order. One of these factors is links. As search engine crawlers scour the web, they follow links to and from websites. Each time Google’s bots find a link leading to your website, it’s considered a vote. The more votes you have, the better your chances of showing up closer to the top of the results!

How to build the right links

When it comes to building authority, it is important to remember that not all links are created equal. Google looks for links that are relevant, trustworthy, and directed from an authoritative source. Search engines also frown upon paid links, and spammy, black hat link building techniques.

While linking form your social media accounts and local directories is not a waste of time, these connections alone are not going to get you the kind of ‘link juice’ you want. To build gold medal worthy links, you are going to have to put in some time and research.

Link building ideas

· As a beginner, one of your best options is to request link sharing with other websites related to your industry. For example, if you sell outdoor furniture or gardening supplies, you might contact a landscaping website to request a link share.
· If you have happy customers, you may also request that they link to you from their website, personal blog, or social media accounts.

· Build and promote a company blog and fill it with share-worthy material.

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