How to Get More Word Of Mouth Marketing For Your Business

How to Get More Word Of Mouth Marketing For Your Business

Most business owners know the value of word of mouth marketing. We know that consumers trust their friends, and when it comes to choosing a business from which to purchase a product or service, they are far more likely to go with one that they have heard is credible.

So how do you get more word of mouth marketing for your business? Well, before we take a look at this question it should first be said that what we consider traditional word of mouth marketing has undergone a lot of changes, especially over the last decade.

Before the Internet, word of mouth meant that people were literally calling up their friends or telling them in passing about a great experience they had with a service or product. Today, word of mouth occurs online. Social media sharing has become the new word of mouth.

Social networks are a very useful and important tool for encouraging your past customers to share testimonials and recommendations. And, of course, social media is also a great place to collect leads and engage prospective customers.

So where to start? For ideas about how to get started with social media, and to encourage online sharing, refer to these additional articles:

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