Get Your Website to Show up on Google – The Right Way

Get Your Website to Show up on Google – The Right Way

Getting your website to show up on Google’s first page is important in order to attract new customers for your business. To do this, there are many search engine optimization (SEO) tactics you can use, however some practices are frowned upon by the SEO community, and can even get you banned from search engines!

In the industry, these not-so-ethical tactics are known as ‘black hat’ SEO, and they are generally recognized as an attempt to trick Google in order to achieve a higher page ranking.

To get your website to show up on Google the right way, avoid tactics that:

· Break search engine rules and regulations
· Result in a poor user experience
· Use visual tricks or hide extra content from search engine users

This may include stuffing nothing but long lists of keywords onto your site, creating invisible text by using a coloured font on top of a similar coloured background, creating fake pages that users will never see, and other similar practices.

Get your Business To show Up On Google White Hat vs Black Hat

While black hat SEO will work to get your website to show up on Google, it’s only a matter of time before they are discovered, and the penalty isn’t worth any short term gains these tactics bring.

White hat tactics work too, an they and create a better user experience for the potential customers that visit your website. To learn more about acceptable digital marketing practices, download our Ebook!

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