Are Facebook Ads an Effective Way to Generate More Business?

Are Facebook Ads an Effective Way to Generate More Business?

Trying to generate more business for your company? Wondering whether Facebook ads are effective? As an entrepreneur, you know that SEO is a great way to drive traffic to your website, and social media is an important tool to strengthen your brand and interact with a diverse audience, but what about paid online advertising?

Many business owners look to pay per click advertisements to spend their online advertising budget, but perhaps they should be considering Facebook ads as well.

What makes Facebook ads an effective way to generate more business?

Facebook has over 800 million users, and using this social media platform’s ads allows you to use specific keywords that are based on interests, activities, job titles…you get the picture. The fact is that Facebook ads are highly targeted to reach an audience that is sure to be interested in what you have to offer.

In addition, Facebook advertisements allow the use of images in order to create a visually appealing ad, which is more effective at catching the attention of your target market. Facebook also allows up to 130 characters to describe the product or service advertised.

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What are the advantages of Facebook ads when compared to pay per click?

Many entrepreneurs find Facebook ads much easier to work with than Google Adwords. Not only is setting up a Facebook advertising account simpler than setting up an Adwords account, but managing it is generally accepted as being far more user friendly.

If you are a smaller business, with a tighter digital marketing budget, you will be happy to hear that Facebook ads are also more affordable than pay per click ads. The average keyword bid is up to 70% less than Google Adwords, which means a lower cost per click!

So if you are looking for a way to generate more business for your company, Facebook ads can indeed be an effective method!

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