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Walker Climate Care

We are pleased to be working with Walker ClimateCare in Cornwall, Ontario, helping them increase the reach of their site and the services they offer to the community of Cornwall and surrounding areas such as Alexandria, Morrisburg and many other.  Delivering Customers will be working closely with Walker ClimateCare to market their heating and air conditioning products and services they offer.

Walker ClimateCare logo

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SEO Cheat Guides – Great Resource!

Check out SEO Cheat Guides if you are looking for a great marketing resource to help your team walk through various marketing tasks.

You should invest some time and check out the Free Download section at SEO Cheat Guides. They have produced clear process maps for over 3 dozen different tasks and most of them are well suited for small to medium businesses.

In addition SEO Cheat Guides Youtube Channel has a lot of free content worth viewing, including a number of interviews with up and coming marketers.

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Embody Fitness And Training in Okotoks Alberta

Delivering Customers is happy to announce it will be working closely with Lee Bell from on building his sales funnel. Lee is looking to attract new customers for his personal training, and blast class services in Okotoks Alberta. We will be using a variety of targeted ads on Facebook and other networks to attract his ideal customer.

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Reviews And An Exciting New Service Offering From Delivering Customers!

Reviews have become a very important part of successful online marketing. Just like the days of “word of mouth” marketing, reviews show others that your business is solid and that you treat your customers well.

Unfortunately many people tend to only post reviews when they are unhappy so bringing attention to a companies good reviews is essential, especially to counteract any negative reviews. Many customers might write an email or note to a business, telling them of their experience and while having those testimonials or reviews for your website is valuable, online reviews that the search engines can read and evaluate carry more weight from an SEO standpoint. How often do you do some online research on a business before you hire them?

When a customer is happy there is no shame in asking them to leave you a review. Most people today have a GMail account, or a Facebook account, so taking a minute or 2 out of their day to leave a review is a simple process. If 1 out of 10 happy customers leave your business a 5 star review it will make an impression on potential future customers, and it will help your rankings with the search engines.

Delivering Customers has launched a new service to help our customers showcase their best reviews, maximizing their impact and making the reviews more compelling. Watch the short video below to see one of our client’s most recent reviews.

Contact us today to find out more about this and our other services to help your business grow.

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3 common website mistakes and how to fix them

Each week I have numerous conversations with business owners about their websites and online marketing. Here are 3 mistakes that are often made and are easy to fix.

1. Call to Action – the purpose of your website is to generate leads and convert them to customers.


When somebody lands on your website, presumably they are interested in a product or service you have to sell. How easy do you make it for them to contact you? Is your phone number clearly displayed at the top of every page on your website? You want to make it simple and eliminate the need for them to wonder what they should do next. I recommend clear large font CALL NOW 555-555-5555

Here is an example

Phone number example


2. Page Titles – What are they and why are they important? Good page titles are important to every web page on every website. The title is displayed at the top left of your browser when you open a webpage. You want to use the page title to let both your visitors and the search engines know what the page is focused on. The absolute worst page titles are home, about us, or just your company name. Search engines use titles as a sign of what each page is about, and home and about us don’t tell the site anything about your page, or business.

Examples of good page title

Broken Garage Door Spring – London Ontario, or Overhead Garage Door – London Ontario

Examples of bad titles of pages 

Home, About Us, Contact Us

Good page titles are descriptive and tell the search engines what the page is about, and also indicate what location they are relevant for.

Each page on your website should have a unique title and should describe the main focus of the  page. I suggest including the city and state you are servicing as well.

Please see example of page title below top left corner it is Clopay Garage Door | Palm Beach | Commercial Residential | The Doorman of Southeast Florida

page title example1(1)


3. Page Descriptions – Once again too many companies leave this information up to their web designer or IT person. Here is why the description for each page is important. This descriptive paragraph is the information found on the search engine results just below the page title. The problem is you only get 150 characters. So you must condense the most important ideas into short phrases that capture the reader’s attention. Don’t just use the first sentence from your page. This is generally not a clear enough description of all the material.



Charlotte Garage Doors | Garage Door Openers Repair – Cached

Expert Garage Door Repair and Overhead Door service for Charlotte North Carolina NC Metro Area.

So in the example above from Google search results the page title is





Charlotte Garage Doors | Garage Door Openers Repair


And the Page Description is

Expert Garage Door Repair and Overhead Door service for Charlotte North Carolina NC Metro Area.

I hope these three tips will help you improve your website and drive more leads to your company. We offer a free website evaluation that compares your company website to that of one of your local competitors. We are able to give you more insight into how to improve your online lead generation. Please click here to request the Free Evaluation.

You can reach me toll free at 1-866-853-8726 or by email at strier at Delivering Customers dot com or fill in a comment below.

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