Axxess Payments

Axxess Payments

We recently were asked by Maurice Verrelli President and founder of Axxess Payments to design a new website and online marketing strategy for his payment processing company.

After discussing the project with Maurice we agreed on a budget and strategy.

The first step was to design his new website and make sure we came up with persuasive content to educate his potential customers on the wide variety of products and services Axxess Payments can offer. After a number of revisions both Maurice and his team were happy with the design.

It then came time to put together a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign in order to determine the key words that potential clients were looking for. We set up a campaign and landing pages to track the number of searches conducted in Canada each day for this industry. We continue to tweak the campaigns to improve their conversion rates.

We have spent time optimizing the site with the key words that are relevant to potential customers. Axxess Payments has a wide variety of products and services it can offer to Canadian entrepreneurs looking to save money on their payment processing needs. While payment processing is a competitive field with national big players, we are gaining traction in organic search.

We have submitted the site to the major search engines, started a blog, and we are closely monitoring our increases in traffic with google analytics. Most recently we sent out of our first press release quoting Maurice Verrelli, and announcing his company website.

Maurice clearly laid out his objective for the new site. First he wanted a professional image for all visitors to his site, secondly he wanted it to provide a reference of the full line of services Axxess Payments offers, and lastly he wanted it to capture contact information from potential leads.

We have enjoyed tremendous success with Axxess Paymets, site traffic is up over 1000% in the past 3 months. This has increased exposure for the company and is now Delivering Customers at a lower cost.

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