5 Reasons Why You’re Missing Out on More Customers

5 Reasons Why You’re Missing Out on More Customers

Like any other business, what you’re after is more customers.You’re working hard to grow, but are you doing everything you can to ensure that those efforts pay off? So many companies are missing out on the opportunity to attract new customers, and they don’t even know it! Here are some common mistakes that could be keeping you from picking up those new clients.

1. You don’t have calls to action on your website

Even if you have a fairly popular website, traffic means nothing unless you can convert it into leads, leads that will become customers. It is essential that your site has call to action buttons or images on every page. These buttons are put in place to offer some sort of free consultation, trial, demo, entry into a draw etc in exchange for personal information. Now you’re getting some leads!

2. You don’t have a blog

If digital marketing is new to you, you may be shying away from this four-letter word. If so, you’re missing out! Once you realize the enormous benefits that blogging can bring to your website, you will quickly begin to unleash your inner writer. Keeping a business blog is one of the best ways to increase your standing in search engine results and, ultimately, reel in more potential customers. Google’s algorithm is attracted to domains that are constantly putting out fresh, new content, and affords those sites authority over those that don’t.

3. You’re not using anchor text

So now you have a blog. Amazing. Are you utilizing it to its full potential to help you optimize your search engine results? One of the ways you can do this is by embedding hyperlinks with anchor text. Doing this will help you to rate higher in search results for the phrases you anchor.

4. Your client database is collecting dust

If you’ve been collecting information from potential and/or existing customers, you’re on the right track. But if you haven’t done anything with that information, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to promote customer loyalty and convert leads into sales! Make use of that information with a lead nurturing program, including email campaigns.

5. You’re not leveraging social media

If you haven’t taken advantage of the best free digital marketing tools available to business owners today, then you need to begin, asap! Not only can social media accounts effectively optimize your search engine results, they are also a great way to reach a wide audience quickly and efficiency, and build brand awareness.

Take these steps to make sure you stop missing out on the opportunity to acquire more customers. Implement these tips into your action plan, and watch your business grow!

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