4 Ways to Get Your Local Business Showing Up in Google’s Search Results

4 Ways to Get Your Local Business Showing Up in Google’s Search Results

Is your local business showing up in Google’s search results?

In today’s technological age, consumers have come to expect to be able to find the information they want when the want it, in a quick and efficient way. And since an overwhelming majority of the population is turning to online search engines to research a product or service, it is essential that your local business is showing up on the first page of Google’s search results.

Chances are that your potential customers aren’t going to go shifting through pages and pages of results, so if you’re not showing up near the top, you’re not getting noticed. The following search engine optimization (SEO) tactics will help your local business start making its way to the surface!

1. Utilize Keywords

When indexing your website, one of the things that search engines consider is language. Based on the words that appear on each page, Google decides what the content is about, and whether or not it is relevant to specific searches.

To make your website more relevant to searches conducted by your target market, use tools such as Google’s Adwords to select low competition keywords with a high number of local searches.

2. Include Inbound Links

Having lots of inbound links is another great way to establish authority and attract a little extra attention from Google’s algorithm. Each time a search engine indexes and detects a link to your site, it considers that a vote, and the more votes you have, the higher you can rank in search results!

3. Keep a Blog

A recent study has shown that websites with blogs get 55% more visitors. Why? Because not only does blogging give you added opportunity to attract visitors to your site with keywords, but search engines give authority to websites that are constantly putting out fresh content.

4. Create Landing Pages

Another way you can increase your search engine ranking and bring traffic to your website is by creating specific landing pages in response to specific searches. In the same way that you use a special kind of bait to catch a certain kind of fish, you can create content aimed at a particular market, and cast out numerous lines at once!

For example, if you own a local painting company, you may create a page about bathroom painting, a page about kitchen painting, or a page responding to searches for painters in the west end of the city, or the east end of the city.

Utilize these tactics properly, and your site will start to see more traffic, so make sure that your website is up to par to turn that traffic into customers!

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