4 Digital Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Mustn’t Make!

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Mustn’t Make!
From social media to search engine optimization, digital marketing is an incredibly profitable way to increase your business’s sales. While it’s great that many entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of a strong online presence, conducting a digital marketing campaign blindly can be a massive waste of time and effort.

To make sure that you are getting the most out of your online efforts, steer clear of these 4 digital marketing mistakes business owners mustn’t make:

1) Putting a call to action below the page fold

Assuming you haven’t made the even more serious mistake of not including a call to action at all, placing your CTA below the page fold is the best way to significantly reduce click through rates.

2) Using the same keywords on each page

The point of using keywords or key phrases on your website is to capture organic traffic by matching up with search engine queries. Optimizing your entire website for one search term, then, is putting all of your eggs into one basket. Each page, including landing pages, should optimize your website for a different potential search.

3) Keeping an inconsistent blog

While an inconsistent blog is still better than none at all, business owners often make the mistake of assuming that posting an article every now and then will send throngs of traffic to their website. Unfortunately, the odd blog isn’t going to get you the kind of results you want. In order to capture organic traffic and increase your website’s page ranking, search engine crawlers have got to detect a consistent updates.

4) Letting a contact list collect dust

If you’ve managed to collect a contact list, whether from previous customers or through your website, don’t let this valuable data just sit around! Fire up an email campaign and offer a coupon, or link to an article in your blog. You’ll be surprised by the results you can get from such a small task!

Digital marketing is a must for any business trying to stand out amongst its competitors online. SEO and other tactics are entirely effective, but only when implemented properly. For more tips on how to market your business online, download our ebook!

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