3 Fun Ways to Leverage Social Media to Market Your Company

3 Fun Ways to Leverage Social Media to Market Your Company

Social media marketing is all the rage right now, and we’re not surprised. Not only is it an effective way to market your company online, but it can also be fun!

This digital age is very conducive to creative ideas, but if you don’t have any of your own, try out some of our fun ways to leverage social media to market your company:

1) Offer deals on your Facebook page

Offer exciting deals or promotions via your Facebook brand page. New features even allow you to conduct e-commerce straight from your company page, allowing you to offer or sell seasonal, weekly, or even daily deals to your followers.

2) Hold a picture/video contest

Hold a contest via your Facebook page in which potential customers submit videos or pictures for a chance to win. For example, if you offer teeth whitening services, call out for photos of your potential customers’ smiles. This is a great way to create some buzz around your brand.

3) Tweet a question of the day

Use Twitter to interact with past or potential clients by posting a daily question, asking something to do with your industry or product. Choose a winner form the responses and give away a coupon or small prize.

4) Imbed tweets into your website

With Twitter’s new embeddable tweets, you can embed a customer’s tweet right onto your website. What a new and refreshing way to utilize customer testimonials!

Remember, marketing your company online doesn’t have to be dry or boring. With so many different social media outlets to work with, there’s no reason why you can’t have a little fun.

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