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The leaders in design and manufacturing, combined with over 45 years of experience, DASCO has built a reputation for providing the highest quality, innovative products for all business environments. Dasco representatives, across Canada, are professionals in determining the solutions that will best fit your requirements. Please enjoy our website and contact your local representative for any further information that you require.
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Since 1963, DDP has been the innovators for many products that are still commonly seen in every office, computer room and IT facilities. More than 40 years ago DDP was manufacturing the best built racks for tape reels, the best built computer desks for the new computer room and the finest quality multi-purpose storage cabinets that were available. DDP has been a sign of quality, endurance and value for more than four decades and we still keep making the best.

Today we continue to produce innovative & high quality products that are focussed on the needs of our clients. In this generation, Security and Privacy, are two words that are used most often in our client requirements. Information is generated at incredible speeds in the world today and we now have to do whatever it takes to protect it. So much damage can be done with the least amount of information that the government of the USA and Canada have implemented regulations such as HIPAA and PIPEDA. These fairly recent regulations require personal information to be securely filed in the digital form and/or the printed form.

Dasco Data Products when it really matters!

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