Will Yellow Pages Work to Generate Business for my Company?

Will Yellow Pages Work to Generate Business for my Company?

If you’re looking to generate business for your company, you’re probably wondering whether or not to purchase an ad in the local phone book. Will the Yellow Pages work?
In the past, we were glad when the Yellow Pages showed up on our front doorsteps. The thick, bright book was the go-to place to find almost any local product of service. But let’s face it; things have changed.
With the rise of Internet search, fewer consumers are bothering to crack open the Yellow Pages. Industry-wide spending on directory ads has fallen by half since 2007, and the next four years are expected to see an equally steep decline.
Relying on the Yellow Pages to generate business for your company may have made sense a decade ago, but today there are many downsides to pursuing this traditional method of marketing:

It is expensive – Large ads in the Yellow Pages can run up quite a bill! When it comes to ROI, digital marketing is the way to go.

It is not ideal for seasonally focused businesses – Businesses that get the majority of their action during one season, such as landscaping or snow removal companies, are stuck paying high monthly costs to appear in the print directory- even when no one is looking them up!

It limits your reach to a small demographic – Yellow Pages users are an aging population, and usage is declining drastically. If seniors are your sole target market, great! If not, you’re going to have to update your marketing plan to establish a presence where your market is active- the Internet.

It is not an effective way to capture leads – With the Yellow Pages, there is no way to collect leads from potential customers that have looked at your ad, but haven’t yet decided to call you. A search engine optimized website with ample calls to action however, is the perfect kicking off point for an effective sales cycle.

It’s time to update you business with the marketing strategies that work for today. To learn more about digital marketing, and how it can generate business for your company, download our ebook!

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