How to Use Video on Your Business Website: 5 Creative Ways

How to Use Video on Your Business Website: 5 Creative Ways

Using video on your business website is a great way to engage your visitors, share information about your product or service, and optimize for search engines.

Video is the most rapidly growing search medium, and it has great potential to spice up your business website! Not sure what kind of video to make? Check out these 5 creative ideas:

How to Use Video on Your Business Website

1) Answer FAQs
Instead of the old FAQ’s page, make a video that visitors can refer to on your website. Not only is this video a great way to respond to queries, it’s simple to make!

2) Share customer testimonials
Have a satisfied customer that is happy to share his/her experience with your company? Throw together a quick video! This tactic fosters a far greater connection than the written testimonial, and will help to establish credibility as well.

3) Demonstrate the product
Help your customers to see the value of your product by supplying demonstration videos for your visitors.

4) Share your “about us” information
Do you have an “About Us” page on your business website? Why not share what your company is all about in a video? Consumers do a lot of reading to research the product or service they are after. They’ll be happy to stop and watch for a while.

5) Show off “before and after” cases
“Before and after” photos are a great way to show the effectiveness of your product or service. Consider creating a video slideshow with those photos, or documenting the process of change.

Online video isn’t just for documenting that funny moment when your cat fell into the fish tank. Many successful companies are using video on their business websites to create a friendly user environment and that extra SEO advantage. Get creative and implement video on your business website today!

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