How to Use Social Media Marketing to Make More Sales

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Make More Sales

Social media marketing is all the buzz lately, but can it actually help your business to make more sales?

While it is indeed difficult to make direct sales to followers, your social media accounts can be used to collect leads, and with a proper lead nurturing program, those leads can be converted to sales!

If a potential customer is following you on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media website, you’ve obviously caught their attention in some way. The next step is to get them into your email database.

Here are a couple of ideas of ways to capture leads from your social media accounts:

Include a lead capture field on your Facebook page

One of the beauties of Facebook is that you are completely free to customize your own content. Why more businesses don’t include or link to a lead capture form from their Facebook page is a mystery.

Offer something in exchange for ‘liking’ your page, and require your new follower to supply their email address to access it. You may also try encouraging your followers to sign up for your newsletter, or download an ebook containing interesting or valuable information.

Tweet a link to your sign-up page on a regular basis

You use can the same tactic with Twitter. Unlike Facebook however, the link won’t be on your page permanently, so you will have to make sure to re-tweet every so often. Remember to switch it up so you’re not always offering the same thing.

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