Turn Your Website In to a Sales Machine

Turn Your Website In to a Sales Machine

In order to transform your site from a web-brochure to a useful sales funnel you need to understand a few key ideas.

Who are your ideal customers? What are they looking for? What would this customer type into Google if they were looking for a product or service like the one you offer? There will be obvious key words, and less obvious searched key words.

Make a list of these key words and start to think about publishing pages on your website focused on providing the type of information your potential client would want if they googled this keyword.

Here is an example from a client that is in the Garage Door business. We identified that his ideal client is looking for help with broken garage door openers. Here are some of the keywords we identified.

Common Issues

– Opener noisy
– Opener not working
– Remote not working
– Missing weather stripping
– Lights flashing and door won’t open

– Door doesn’t close all the way
– Opener not working
– Remote not working
– Missing weather stripping
– Lights flashing and door won’t open
– Lube and maintenance

Once we identified these key words we created what is called a landing page on his site. The purpose of the landing page is to answer whatever potential questions this ideal customer might have related to his product or service. In my clients case this revolved around garage door openers.

Getting the customer to the page is only part of the goal the next is capturing their information or moving them along your sales funnel.

Once they are on the page you need to create as little resistance as possible. Meaning give them the information they want, answer the question they have in their mind, and making it as easy as possible to interact with you.

Generally we want them to land on what is called a landing page. Here is the Garage Door Example – This page deals with garage door openers. It is simple, straight forward, and has a few calls to action.

At the top right of the page it has a toll free number clearly marked.

As an alternative we provide a form that allows the visitor to provide contact information so the company can follow up with them.

By taking these few steps and building many opportunities for your customers to find your website you can turn it in to a sales machine.

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