How to Turn Tradeshow Leads Into Sales

How to Turn Tradeshow Leads Into Sales

Tradeshows are a whirlwind of excitement, and when it’s all over you’ve probably collected a ton of leads for your business, and you’re excited to turn them into sales! But the whole experience is tiring, and it’s very tempting to just go home and let the dust settle…

But keep in mind that for many companies, and depending on the type of products and services offered, the leads collected at these events are just the first step in a long selling cycle. It can be weeks, even months before prospects mature into a finalized sale.

Preparing for the tradeshow was only the first half of the process. The efforts you put in after the event are just as important as all of the hard work you did in preparation for the expo itself.

Staying connected after the tradeshow

Tradeshow industry resources have indicated that up to 80% of trade show leads are never followed up. Don’t let your efforts go to waste in this way!

· Try not to wait longer than 48 hours to start following up on your most promising leads.

· If you made any promises at the show (to send a catalog or sample, etc), make sure to tend to these commitments immediately.

· Consider sending out an email to each new contact.

The first email you send should thank your prospective customers for attending your presentation. Make sure to remind these potential customers who you are, and to ensure them that you will be contacting them soon.
It may take a little bit more work, but you may want to personalize your message. Not only does this add a nice touch, but it will also ensure that your email isn’t mistaken as spam!

Turning leads into sales
Next, get down to work entering each lead into your mailing list. If you want to get payoff on all of your hard work, it is crucial that you develop a lead nurturing program, and email campaigns are one of the most cost effective, and efficient ways to convert leads into sales.

Design a string of periodic emails to ensure that these potential customers remember you. Invite them to interact with you. Let them in on special promotions, industry news, new products etc. You want to encourage these leads to buy, but without being too aggressive.

Remember, your ability to turn tradeshow leads into sales depends very heavily on the speed and effort that you put in to nurturing them. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your business website is up to par to handle any additional traffic the trade show may be bringing to your domain. Good luck!

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