Supercharge Your Social Media Tactics with Gamification

Looking for a way to supercharge your social media tactics and increase audience engagement and participation? In 2011 studies, small businesses reported social media as an effective tool to build new partnerships, garner leads, and improve sales.

While this is indeed still true today, social media has come a ways in the last two years. As more businesses enter the world of online interaction, a stale social media marketing strategy could render your businesses efforts nearly invisible.

So what’s an entrepreneur to do? Many have turned to gamification principles to supercharge their social media tactics. Simply explained, gamification refers to the use of game principles and mechanics in non-game contexts.

The concept is a hot topic right now, and is being implemented in everything from business management to health and personal finances. So how can it be used to engage your social media followers? Well, offering incentives to take part in challenges, competitions, and missions is a great start!

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