SIx Types of Content To Include on Your Website

SIx Types of Content To Include on Your Website

If you’ve been looking into how to improve your business website, then you’ve probably already come across the mantra ‘content is king’. Of course, it should go without saying that this only applies to good content.

So what is good content? And what types of content should be included on your business website? To answer simply, good content does three things: establish authority and trust in your business, optimizes your website for search engines, and provides the visitor with valuable, useful information.

In order to fulfill these requirements, there are six types of content you should consider including on your business website. These extras will help you to reach beyond the basic ‘about us’ and ‘our products’ type pages that all of your competitors are implementing as well.

1) Blog Articles

Keeping a blog on your website is a fantastic way to optimize for a variety of keywords, generate authority with search engines for a better page ranking, and establish yourself as an industry expert by educating your potential customers. Check out our blog writing tips!

2) News and Updates

Reporting industry news and company updates demonstrates that you are up to date about what’s happening in your industry, and always striving to improve!

3) Media Room

If you’ve managed to make your way into local media, share it on your website! If you haven’t, you can always share relevant media releases about the products you sell or the city you service.

4) Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to establish trust. Get creative and include video testimonials, or embeddable tweets!

5) Case Studies

Even better than customer testimonials, case studies are a useful tool to praise your products or services without sounding too self-congratulating.

6) Resource Center

A resource center is a place where you can include E-books, guides, and other helpful information to help your visitors conduct the necessary research before they decide to purchase.

Remember, search engines love to see that your website is being updated regularly. Keep things fresh in these six different ways, and you’ll be the king of content!

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