How To Show Consumers That Your Business is Credible

Showing consumers that your business is credible has never been easier. Today’s Internet savvy population will not hesitate to do research, and some might even say that they can be, well, snoopy!

Now that we know consumers are using social media and other online venues to play detective, entrepreneurs can take advantage of these tools to simply hand over the information that their potential customers are looking for. Take a look at these suggestions:

Create a personal, professional Google + or Linked–in profile

If you run a small business, consumers may run your name through a Google search. Be prepared by creating a professional Google + or Linked-in profile for yourself!

Register your business for Google Places

Similarly, registering your business for Google places will ensure that consumers can find your company. It will also give them the opportunity to share it with their friends, and take a look at how previous customers have rated your business. This being said, if you are not registered with Google Places, skeptical consumers might wonder why!

Create a page on your website for employee profiles

Your own business website is of course a great tool as well. Consider creating a page to share some information about your team. Not only will your customers like to see that you have qualified employees working for you, but it will also help to confirm that you are, indeed, a real, legitimate, and trustworthy business.

Creating social media business pages on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else your target market may be active is also a good idea, not only to confirm that your company is the real deal, but also to engage with potential customers, answer questions, and build trust.

Remember, many of today’s consumers feel the need to research and compare. Why not make it a little easier for them to find what it is they re looking for?

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