SEO Explained Simply

SEO Explained Simply

For many businesses owners search engine optimisation is still something of a mystery. What they need is SEO explained simply, SEO explained in a way they can immediately understand.

The thing is SEO is pretty simple. Google and other search engines return pages based on what their search engine software thinks is the most relevant and most authoritative page for any given search. Actually most business owners seem to get that, what they struggle with is how to make their pages meet these simple requirements.

The best thing to do is to think about the people carrying out the search. If you are an Waterloo based Executive Health Clinic and your keyword research has found lots of people search for Executive Health Waterloo for example, ask yourself what these people might want to find. Ask yourself what kind of resource you could build that would encourage other sites to link to yours, ask yourself what you would want to find in the search results pages when carrying out this search.

SEO is a challenging subject for some to grasp but the principles are pretty simple.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask your questions on this post, or reach me on twitter @stuarttrier

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