How To Prepare for the International Door Association Expo

How To Prepare for the International Door Association Expo

Whether it is your first time attending the International Door Association expo, or you’ve done it for years, you know that it is one of the biggest annual events in the door industry, and your business has got to prepare!
Expos are expensive and time consuming, and you’ve probably already put a lot of work into making the IDA expo a reality for your business this year, so you want to make sure that when the time rolls around, you’re not just ‘winging it”.
So here are some tips on how to prepare an effective presentation for the International Door Association expo:
Preparing a script
Whether it is you or another staffer interacting with the attendees, it is important you prepare a consistent message to be delivered to your audience at the expo. It can be easy to forget points or be led off topic if you try to wing it, and these mistakes can detract from the overall effectiveness of your presentation. In order to ensure that whoever is manning your booth at the IDA expo will be an articulate company ambassador, consider preparing a script.

The first step in preparing an effective script is creating an outline. During this process, you want to consider your goals and expectations. Are you taking part in the International Door Association expo to make sales? Maybe you want to introduce a new product or service, build your brand, or garner leads. Chances are you are going for a combination of most or all of these goals.

Keep your goals in mind while you decide on a few key points you want to deliver. Remember, an expo is not a lecture hall. For a successful, informative presentation, you need to stay focused on these points.

Delivering your presentation

Consider incorporating some humor into your presentation. Studies have shown that drawing some laughter from your audience can increase their memory retention by 15%. To further your chances of a lasting impression, accompany your presentation with a display of clean and precise graphics. Try to capture the essence of your company and what you do in a couple of short sentences, along with no more than a couple of large photos of your products or services.

Also keep in mind that your potential customers are at the show to collect the information that will give them the confidence to do business with your company. At some point in your presentation, it may be beneficial to include testaments to your trustworthiness or customer service from previous or existing customers.

Take these considerations into account, and you will deliver a smooth, focused and memorable presentation at the International Door Association Expo!

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