Why Page Ranking Matters To The Growth of Your Business

Why Page Ranking Matters To The Growth of Your Business

The page ranking of your business website can play a large part in the growth of your company. If your potential customers can’t find you on the web, it means they’re finding one of your competitors!

What does page ranking mean?

The rank of your website refers to where it shows up in response to a search engine query. If your business website ranks well, it will show up on the first page of Google’s results.

How is page rank decided?

There are a number of considerations that determine the order in which Google’s search results appear. Using a process called ‘indexing’, search engine software routinely scours the web, checking out all of the web pages, and following links to other websites.

During this information-collecting process, the authority of each website is evaluated. Google can then respond to search engine queries by presenting the most relevant, reliable options, ranked in order of their authority.

Why is it important that my website rank well?

Statistics have shown that consumers give up their search completely if they havn’t found what they’re looking for on the first or second page of results.

Numerous recent studies on the behaviors of search engine users have also indicated that as page ranking declines, click-through rates also decrease drastically.

Search Engine Clicks VS Page Ranking

As this graph indicates, the website that ranks first in search engine results receives double the amount of clicks than the site in second place. The difference between the click-through rate of the first ranked page and the third is 22.94%!

What this tells us is that even a slight advantage in page ranking can mean a huge difference in the number of potential customers that are visiting your website.

In order to get your business website ranking on the first page, use SEO tactics such as keywords, landing pages, internal links, blogging and more!

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