Movember – Facial growth, revenue growth, and a case study in social media

Movember – Facial growth, revenue growth, and a case study in social media

How fitting that a charity identified with impressive facial hair growth is delivering remarkable fundraising growth.

Movember has been growing its global fundraising revenue at a 182% per year, a growth rate that would make any business owner envious.

Movember has leveraged social media and provided a platform for people to easily connect with their social network, upload daily pictures of their growing mustache, and take advantage of facebooks popular newsfeed function to prompt friends and family to donate.

From humble beginnings in Australia in 2004, Movember has quickly grown to a worldwide phenomenon with $76.8 million in worldwide charitable donations in 2010.

The simplicity of their campaign should be a case study in effective use of social media and viral marketing. I am sure thought leaders like David Meerman Scott & Seth Godin will use them as examples in future best selling marketing books.

Other charities and businesses could learn from their simple 4 step model.

Unique pages on charity site for each individual fundraiser (Mo Bro)
Easily tie into social networks
Quickly upload content in the form of daily or weekly pictures to hit social newfeeds
Prompt friends and family to donate and visit their unique page to monitor facial and fundraising growth.

Have you donated yet? If not here are a few of my Movember friends, Colin, Jim or Stu

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