How to Market Your Garage Door Dealership for Retrofitting Sales

How to Market Your Garage Door Dealership for Retrofitting Sales

According to research conducted by the International Door Association, the difference between the garage door dealerships that are struggling to make sales, and those that are financially lucrative lies in their willingness to adapt to changes in the market place.

While some garage door dealerships are still hanging on to the idea of finding new residential builder sales and spanning further geographically for public bid sales, others have realized the potential of the residential retrofitting market.

Taking advantage of available opportunities in this area, however, requires a shift in how you are currently marketing your business. Since these new commercial jobs are often not publically bid, or are simply smaller jobs involving higher-priced doors, your yellow pages ad just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Here’s what the successful guys are doing:

· They have a strong website

· They’ve got a sizeable garage door showroom

· They create a plan for advertising

· They give in-house presentations

· They use ‘show-me’ software

· They’ve got lettered trucks and uniformed installers

Do you have what it takes to make great sales in the retrofitting market?

[Source: International Door & Operator Industry Magazine]

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