Landing Page Definition: Get Customers With Landing Pages

Landing Page Definition: Get Customers With Landing Pages

What is a landing page? It’s a useful tool that will help you to get more customers online! Generally speaking, a landing page is a web page to which you are directed after clicking on a link that appears in search engine results.

Building a number of different landing pages for you business website will allow you to optimize for a greater number of search terms, and thus cast a wider net to capture potential leads. These pages do not necessarily have to appear in your website’s menu. Instead, they are specifically designed to capture organic search traffic and direct via a call to action into a lead capture form.

For example, a fencing company might create a landing page specifically dedicated to a certain kind of fence. When the potential customer lands on the “Custom Chain-link Fences” page, they might come across a short spiel about the benefits of chain link, accompanied by a noticeable call to action button: “Get your free estimate today”.

Now that you know the definition of a landing page and how it can help you to get more customers for your business, keep in mind these characteristics of successful landing pages:

· They redirect to a thank you page after the collection form is complete

· They are direct, and do not contain too much distracting information

· They feature a call to action that appears above the page fold

· They use simple colours and fonts, and no over the top graphics

· They are tried and tested with website analytics

For more information on landing pages, and other techniques to get customers online, download our Ebook.

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