How to Help Your Business Grow by Increasing Your Page Ranking

How to Help Your Business Grow by Increasing Your Page Ranking

Increasing your page ranking is one of the best online ways to help your business grow, but many entrepreneurs don’t know exactly why this is so, or how page ranking is even decided in the first place.

How does page ranking work?

‘Page ranking’ refers to where your website shows up in Google’s search results, and even the slightest advantage can greatly increase the number of potential customers that visit your website.

Luckily, Google determines the ranking of your website on a number of factors, many of which can be harnessed in order to increase your rank and, ultimately, help your business grow!

How do I increase my page ranking?

The best way to achieve an increased page ranking is by taking advantage of the practices that will help your website gain more online authority. There are many ways you can do this and the more of them you cover, the better!

Give these 4 ideas a shot and watch your page ranking grow!

1. Join an industry forum

A forum is an Internet message board on which ideas and information on a specific topic are exchanged, and joining one is a delightfully sneaky (and smart!) way to work in some link-building for your website.

Be sure to include a link to your website in your forum signature to take advantage of this opportunity, and make sure to link to your website from your social media accounts while you’re at it.

2. Get reviewed

Registering for local review websites is another bonus link-building opportunity.

3. Keep things fresh

Google gives authority to websites that are constantly putting out fresh content. To keep things moving, consider keeping a business blog or including a newsroom.

4. Use keywords

Depending on the type of search query you are trying to rank for, you will want to optimize your company website for certain keywords and phrases. Use tools such as Google’s Adwords to help you choose the proper words to use.

Remember, increasing your page ranking is a great way to get more potential customers visiting your company website. The next step to help your business grow is to turn that traffic into leads!

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