What Your Growing Business Can Learn From Tim Horton’s

What Your Growing Business Can Learn From Tim Horton’s

If you have a growing business, there is much you can learn from the marketing efforts of Canadian quick service restaurant chain Tim Horton’s.

For years, Tim Horton’s has remained one of Canada’s strongest and well-loved brands. Twice named best managed brand by Canadian Business Magazine, the franchise has also been touted as having the best corporate reputation in the country.

So by now you’re dying to know what about Tim Horton’s branding makes it so successful, and how you can apply this tactic to your growing business…

The answer is that Tim Horton’s brand is not defined by its product, logo, or name. Its focus is not the problem that it aims to solve for its customers. Instead, the essence of the brand revolves around the franchise’s emotional connection and communication with its customers.

The chain has successfully and consistently marketed itself as a benchmark of Canadian nationalistic pride. Consumers view Tim Horton’s not simply as a place to go when they need a caffeine fix or a donut, but rather as an integral part of Canadian culture.


Also keep in mind that the essence of the Tim Horton’s brand is successful because not only is it individual and different from what other quick service restaurant chains are doing, it is also designed for longevity.

In a popular marketing campaign, Tim Horton’s encouraged consumers to submit personal narratives about what makes the brand special to them as Canadians. In response, the franchise selected a handful of winners, and based television advertisements on these personal stories. This demonstrated strong communication as well as an emotional bond between the chain and its customers.

So what lessons can you take away for your business? As you build a marketing strategy, it is important to consider and respond not only to your potential customer’s needs, but their emotions as well.

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