How to Get Potential Customers to Your Website with Link Building

How to Get Potential Customers to Your Website with Link Building

As an entrepreneur, you know that your business website is one of the best tools to attract potential customers. You may have also heard that link building is an effective way to optimize that website in order to achieve a better page ranking in Google’s search results.

But how do you build links?

Check out these creative link building opportunities that you can implement for your business website today:

1) Set up an RSS feed for your blog

All right, first things first, if you aren’t blogging on your business website, start! Once you’ve got that down, set up an RSS feed so that potential customers can syndicate your content and then provide attribution links back to your website.

2) Sign up for local review websites

Not only will signing up for local review websites score you a sweet inbound link, it also creates a place where your potential customers can write reviews on your product or service, and you can use those as testimonials on your website!

3) Link up with companies in complementary industries

Are you a landscaping company that specializes in backyard patios? Try to link up with a company that sells patio furniture. You get the picture.

4) Create case studies

If you have done some exceptional work, or have a client that is especially happy with your product, create a case study! Chances are that if you make that customer look really good, they will link to your website from theirs, if they have one.

5) Use social sharing widgets

Social sharing buttons are a great way to encourage your visitors to share your website content, as well as a super link building trick!

While link building opportunities to get more potential customers to your website can seen scarce at first, a little creativity goes a long way! Got any link building ideas of your own? Share them with us!

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