The Digital Tool You Must Use to Get More New Customers

The Digital Tool You Must Use to Get More New Customers

If you are looking to find more new customers for your business, there are a number of digital marketing tools available. Unfortunately, the most rapidly growing search medium, video, is often underutilized- even by some of the most web savvy companies.

As the population increasingly looks to video for news, entertainment and social sharing, utilizing appealing video content is an important part of your business’s social networking success and overall web presence.

Your potential new customers are viewing video online more than ever, and to ensure that it is your video they are watching, you must apply digital SEO tactics, just like you do for your website!

Just as you title your blogs and web pages carefully to increase the opportunity to get more new customers, you must optimize your video title and title tags with keywords as well.

To get the best results, make sure the title tag of the page matches the title of the video, also use long-tail keywords where you can.

Remember, there are some advantages to using video to attract potential customers. Google can’t determine the content of the video, so you can submit it multiple times with different titles to increase its chances of being found. And unlike web pages, the age of the video has no effect on its authority in searches, so you can compete on a level playing field from the moment you post!

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