Digital Love: Are You ‘Hooking Up’ With Your Suppliers, Customers, and Friends?

Digital Love: Are You ‘Hooking Up’ With Your Suppliers, Customers, and Friends?

February 14th is upon us once again. Love is in the air and Cupid is brandishing his bow. Here at DC, Valentines Day means one thing to us. Hooking up …Using inbound links that is!

Inbound links share the digital love by linking to your website from other locations online. Not only can these links attract more visitors to your site, but they also have a significant effect on your rank in search engine results.

There are a number of considerations that determine the order in which Google’s search results appear. Having lots of inbound links is a great way to establish authority and attract a little extra attention from Google’s algorithm. Each time the algorithm detects a link to your site, it considers it a vote, and the more votes you have the higher you can rank in search results.

The most beautiful thing about using this tactic is that it can foster give-and-take digital relationships with your suppliers, customers, and friends. Help them out by providing links to their websites on your website or social media accounts, and ask them to do the same for you.

This may sound awkward but using inbound links doesn’t necessarily mean just pasting URL onto your webpage. You can embed hyperlinks right onto the content of your page, blog, etc. by using anchor text.

There are a couple of different ways you can do this. You may choose anchor text that gives some information about the destination page, like this:

Today I visited the Delivering Customers homepage.

Or, you may choose to use instructional anchor text:

If you don’t know what to get your wife for Valentines Day, click here.

So if you’re thinking you’d like a little more company in your domain this Valentines Day, remember that giving out digital love to your suppliers, customers, or friends can have a bigger pay off than flowers and a box of chocolates!

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