A Few More Customers

A Few More Customers

If you are like most business owners you probably sit around thinking about this very issue. How can I bring in just a few more customers this week, month, or quarter?

Chances are you offer a good product or service that your target market can benefit from but you don’t have a marketing system that consistently attracts the type of buyers your company is meant to serve.

While the effectiveness of yellow pages and local newspapers are providing diminishing returns a lot of business owners are depending on word of mouth as their only source for new business.

If this sounds familiar you are not alone, a lot of entrepreneurs are dealing with this very issue.

As Google replaces the yellow pages and people turn to the Internet for their news it is changing the way businesses have to market.

This change does not have to be scary, or expensive.

The first step is easy, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Assume you are a potential customer in need of the product or service your company provides.

Visit Google and type in the name of the product or service you offer along with the city you live in. Ex. Garage Door Repair London

You now see what your potential customers see when they visit a search engine. Do they see your company name or website, or do they see your competitors?

If you are interested in solving this issue fill in the form to the right and recieve a free evaluation of the marketing effectiveness of both your website as well as one of your local competitors.

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