Do Your Customers Return? Why Client Loyalty is Crucial.

Do Your Customers Return? Why Client Loyalty is Crucial.

While it is certainly important to take measures that will bring in new customers to grow your business, you don’t want to forget about those clients you have already served, or the ones you take care of on a regular basis. Are you doing anything to ensure that these clients will loyally return to you should they require your product or services again?

It is crucial to maintain a relationship with previous customers because they are walking talking marketing tools. If you have provided exemplary customer service or products, chances are they will refer you to friends and family or return to you themselves. That is, if you are still fresh on their minds! To ensure that your clients are still thinking of you, consider creating a customer loyalty plan involving these simple steps.

Check in on them

Fire your customers an e-mail to ask how they are enjoying the product or service you provided. Not only is this your chance to make sure they remember your name, it also serves as a great opportunity to collect feedback from your clients. Use this information to ensure that you are delivering the best customer service possible to both new and returning clients.

Stay in touch

You may also want to keep these past clients in the loop about any special deals or promotions you put on, new product releases, or special events. Consider developing a simple rewards program. If they are up to date about the exciting value you have to offer, these customers will be eager to recommend your services or return to buy your product as a gift.

Offer incentives for referrals

Some apartment buildings offer a few hundred bucks off of your next month’s rent if you refer someone to move in. As you can imagine, every existing tenant is probably on a mission to round people in. You can reward loyalty by implementing this kind of program too! Offer a prize, rebate, or service to your existing customers that give you a referral, or send them a “new customers only’ offer that they can give to a friend!

We all know that obtaining new clients is crucial to the growth of a business, but we often forget that our existing customers can play a part in the process. Make a customer loyalty plan like the one described to grow a strong, loyal client base.

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