How to Have a Credible Business Website

How to Have a Credible Business Website
Whether you are looking to build a website for your business, or simply revamp the one you have, it is extremely important that your visitors view your domain as a credible source for the information they’re after.

But what does this mean? And what kind of criteria does the typical web-surfer use to decide whether or not a website is credible?

According to a large Stanford University Study, the answer may be simpler than you expected. Of course you would think that determining the credibility of a website would depend on a rather rigorous criteria, (privacy policy etc), however the data from this study implies otherwise…It was found that the average consumer measured the credibility of a website by the overall appeal of its visual design!

To ensure that your business’s website meets the standards necessary to be viewed as a reliable source in the eyes of it’s visitors, consider these design tips:

Layout- Avoid overwhelming your visitors with confusing or busy layouts:

Organize the different elements of each page in a grid fashion, as opposed to randomly scattering them
Make use of white spaces. It’s okay to have some empty space to keep things from looking cluttered!
Create a clear, simple navigation structure

Colour- Using colour properly involves more than just going with what looks nice:

Avoid too many colours on your website. Try to stick to a theme involving two main colours
Use complimentary colours to make certain elements pop. If the theme of your website involves a lot of blue, use yellow for your call to action buttons and other places you want to direct attention. But don’t overdo it! Too much yellow will leave visitors wondering where to look

Graphics and Effects- You want your website to look modern, but don’t go overboard:

Maintain moderate to minimal use of graphics and effects. They have a tendency to make things look too busy

Typography- Your business website should be as legible as possible:

Avoid fonts, sizes, or colours that are difficult to read
Try using bullet lists, headers, and short paragraphs to make it easier for readers to scan the page

Remember, first impressions are extremely important. When a visitor lands on your site, you want them to like what they see.

Keep these considerations in mind when you create a website for your business or when reviewing your existing site. These simple design tips will ensure that consumers view your domain as a credible source.

And now that you’re on your way to making you website look great, make sure that customers are finding it in their search results! Check out this tip to help your customers find you.

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