Why Creating a Sitemap Will Improve Your Company’s Website

Why Creating a Sitemap Will Improve Your Company’s Website

For today’s entrepreneur, improving your company’s website means strengthening your online presence, and ultimately helping your business to grow. But with so much focus on keyword utilization, link building, and other SEO tactics, many are unaware of the benefits that come along with creating a sitemap.
What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a list or map of all the pages on your website. (For an example, see the Delivering Customers sitemap). Digital marketing specialists argue that this tool is an important component of your internal linking strategy.
Why does my company’s website need a sitemap?

Google assigns a ranking to the pages on your website based on their relevance to certain search queries. In order to determine where your website will show up, Google routinely scours the web, following links and indexing what it finds.

Sitemap for Google and Search Engines

By creating a sitemap, you can help the search engine ‘crawlers’ to find and index every page on your company’s website. This is especially necessary for websites that:

· Have a number of pages that are not linked to each other, or are not accessible via your user menu (like landing pages!).

· Are new, and therefore do not have many external links leading to them.

· Have dynamic content.

· Have pages that specifically feature images.

How do I create a sitemap for my company’s website?

You can create a sitemap for your business website using a slew of available sitemap generators available online or, if you use WordPress, a sitemap plug-in. Once your sitemap is complete, be sure to submit it to Google’s Webmaster.

Once you have created a sitemap for your company’s website, Google’s crawlers will be able to find and update additions and changes faster, and help your target audience to find them. It’s a great way to strengthen your online presence!

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