How to Convert Leads and Sell More Using Landing Pages

How to Convert Leads and Sell More Using Landing Pages

What is a landing page and what makes them so sucessful? The landing page is the area of your website where traffic is sent to prompt a certain action or result. These pages play an important part in converting leads and ultimately helping you sell more. There are, however, some things to consider when utilizing these marketing strategy tools.

Keep in mind these 5 characteristics of highly effective landing pages:

They are direct

When a potential customer ends up on your landing page, you want to make sure that they know exactly what to do. Actionable and direct language should be used in titles and body text both to explain the value of what you are offering, and to prompt them towards your call to action button. For example, a link entitled “Click Here for Your Free Estimate Today” will be more effective than simply “Free Estimate”.

They are tried and tested

Get in touch with your creative side and experiment with different looks. Do potential customers respond better to a certain size of font or colour combination? Try out a different layout, or a new photo (just make sure that it relates to the offer!). Most importantly, monitor how these changes affect visitor response and lead conversion. You may be suprized what a difference such a simple change can make!

They wont give you a headache

Bad landing pages are full of distracitons. Studies have shown that when we open up a new webpage, we spend the first 3 seconds orienting ourselves and ultimately deciding what acitons we will take on the site. It’s vital to let your visitors focus. Get rid of any flashing text or animations, and limit any navigation opportunity to keep them on track with the task at hand.

They don’t ask too much of their visitors

While a long, detailed lead capture form may provide a quality lead, to sell more it is important to find a ballance between quality and quantity. If potential customers are asked to fill out too many fields or do a lot of reading, they will start to wonder whether it is worth their time. Try to cap off the number of fields in your form at 11. And remember, always position the link to your lead capture form above the page fold, so visitors don’t have to go looking for it.

They redirect to a thank you page

It’s more than just a polite gesture! After your visitors fill in your lead capture form, send them directly to a “thank you” page. Make sure to introduce full navigation here, allowing them to look at other areas of your site and connect further with your company or brand.

Remember, a bad landing page wont help you reach your goals to sell more. Keep these considerations in mind and you will discover that if done right, these pages can act as one of your most fruitful marketing strategy tools!

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