Have a Better Website, Drive in Sales

Have a Better Website, Drive in Sales

If you’re finding it difficult to drive in sales for your business, your web presence may not be up to snuff. Do your competitors have a better website than you? When was the last time you scoped out the other guys?

Take some time to check out what other businesses in your industry are up to online. Is there anything you can learn from them to drive in your own sales?

Here are a few things to look for:

Do they rank?

Which of your competitors are showing up on the first page of Google’s search results in response to a query for the product or service you offer? Where do you show up?

Page ranking is extremely important to driving in traffic to your website, so you want to make sure you rank up there with, if not above, your competition.

Do they look professional?

Studies have found that consumers base their opinions about a website’s credibility simply on the aesthetic features of a website.

The better websites are laid out in a grid-like fashion, are easy to navigate, are legible, and don’t go overboard with colours or graphics.

Do they offer useful information to consumers?

In today’s digital age, consumers like to research a product or service before they are ready to buy. By providing useful information about your product/service/industry on your website, you not only help your potential customer with their buying decision (and help to drive up your sales!), but you establish yourself as an industry leader.

Unlike the old days where the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages meant driving in the most customers, today it comes down to who has the better website.

If you would like a complete, free evaluation of your website, and how it measures up to one of your local competitors’, click here!

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