How to Beat Your Local Business Competition

How to Beat Your Local Business Competition

As a local business, beating your competition means more customers for you. And while we all know that having a strong online presence is an integral part of stepping up your game, it’s not always easy to know just what needs to be done to achieve that little extra something.
For this reason, it is a great idea to play detective, and find out all that you can about your competition. What are they doing well? What is working for them that could work for you, or what mistakes can you learn from? Consider using some of these free tools to gather information:
Online Tools To Help You Learn About Your Local Competition
1) This website offers free analytics on any website on the web, allowing you to find out the rank and related keywords of your competitor.

2) This website allows you to find out how old a website is, and to view what it looked like in the past. Checking out your business competition on this website will allow you to see changes and improvements that have been made to their website.

3) Delivering Customers will conduct a free website evaluation for you, compare your website to that of one of your local competitors, and email or call you with a report. That should take care of some of the grunt work!

Some Questions to Ask When Scoping Out Your Competition
1) What is their page ranking? Where does your competition show up in Google’s search results in response to a related search query? Make sure to look at their organic search results, and take note of any pay per click ads they might have.
2) Are they leveraging social media? Does your local competition have a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account? Are they active on Google +, Youtube, or other social media platforms? If so, how often are they updating, and what kinds of things are they sharing?
3) What are their hours of operation? Is your competitor closed on Sundays? Do they have long, or short hours of operation?
4) What is the market niche? Is this company trying to appeal to a certain market niche? If so, what is it, and does it leave open any area of the market that you can take advantage of?

Keeping tabs on your competition is a great way to learn a little more about the behavior of your target market, and to find room for improvement. If you want to beat out your local competition, start researching!

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