6 Reasons Your Growing Business Should Use Email Newsletters

6 Reasons Your Growing Business Should Use Email Newsletters

Whether you are trying to attract new customers or keep your existing ones coming back, offering an email newsletter is a great way to help grow your business. Wondering why you should implement this tactic into your digital marketing strategy? Here are a few reasons that might help to convince you…

1. Simply offering a newsletter is a great way to collect and nurture leads

Consumers like to receive news and special offers from the businesses that they find interesting. While suggesting that a website visitor sign up for your newsletter functions as a lead collecting tool, simply delivering the letter kick starts the nurturing process.

2. Newsletters are a fantastic way to maintain communication with your existing customers

Keeping in touch with these people is crucial in your efforts to create customer loyalty for your business. An email newsletter will ensure that you are checking in with previous and existing clients on a regular basis, so they wont forget who you are. Delivering a regular newsletter has proven to increase the lifetime value of clients!

3. Email newsletters are cost effective and efficient

Sending out your newsletter via email will save you printing and mailing costs, and it’s quicker too!

4. Email newsletters can be used to expose pre-existing content

Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or surveys, you can link to them from an email newsletter, encouraging yet more interaction with your readers.

5. Because they are sent to a more receptive audience, these emails tend to generate a higher response rate than direct mail newsletters

Email newsletters are only sent to visitors who sign up for them, so the chances that they will be read and appreciated are much higher than with direct mail letters, which often get thrown directly into the trash.

6. Sending newsletters online is appreciated as a ‘greener’ option than print letters

Not only is email less expensive, it’s better for the environment too. As our society grows more aware of our impact on the planet, consumers are beginning to look for businesses that are environmentally conscious.

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